Media Injection API


The Media Injection feature of the C++SDK is intended for Server applications.

The Media Injection API provides interfaces for writing modules that inject audio/video frames into the CoreSDK. The API provides the ability to create a module that accepts raw video/audio frames from any media source and passes them to respective sinks: RTCAudio and RTCVideo. A media sink from the perspective of the injector is a media source from the perspective of the CoreSDK. The media is then encoded and the streams are sent into the conference. The C++ SDK provides a default injector module, explained in the Default Injector section, which the application can instantiate and provide raw frames to. This Default Injector module then takes care of getting the frames to the CoreSDK. The API for injecting media streams uses a pattern of setting producer objects, which are C++ classes with pure virtual functions. The virtual functions for connecting RTCAudioSource and RTCVideoSource to an injector are exposed through the audio and video source interface. The injector provides media frames to these RTC sources. The custom injector must also implement the dolbyio::comms::media_source_interface, which is the interface through which the injector is provided to the Conference Service.