Run Time Dependencies

MacOS Systems

Ensure that terminal has access to microphone.

Linux Systems

PulseAudio Sound Server

On Linux systems the C++ SDK needs access to the PulseAudio Sound Server in order to successfully initialize. Therefore prior to running the Sample Application make sure that the server has either system wide PulseAudio running or that an instance of PulseAudio is started by the same user who will run the sample application. Allowing the library access to the sound server.

To check if you have pulseaudio installed you can run:

$ pulseaudio --version

The Ubuntu server should already have pulseaudio installed, but if it accidentally does not run the following command. Note to use package manager you need to be super user.

$ sudo apt-get install pulseaudio

When it is installed, starting pulseaudio for your user is done as follows:

$ pulseaudio