The main part of the Communications C++ SDK is the Core SDK that is responsible for communicating with the backend and providing conferencing functionalities, such as creating sessions, joining conferences, receiving Websocket events, sending/receiving messages, receiving WebRTC media streams, managing audio devices and leaving conferences. The SDK also provides the ability to configure the default Audio/Video recorder to handle and store the incoming media streams in desired formats. The SDK provides the ability to create a default Audio/Video injector to which the application can provide raw media frames that will then be injected into the conference. The SDK also provides the ability to set spatial locations of participants’ audio and participate in a shared spatial scene within a conference. The Sdk Interface, Session Service, Conference Service, Device Management Service, Audio Service, Video Service, Default Media Recorder, Default Media Injector sections are the core of the user interface to the CoreSDK.


The Core SDK API provides methods that are asynchronous in nature and return async_result. This means that if the result or the completion of operation is necessary for subsequent calls, you have to be careful. For more details refer to the Asynchronous Operations page or read the notes from the; sdk, conference, session, device_management, audio, audio, video interfaces and refer to the examples of each documented asynchronous method.