Media Source Interface

#include <dolbyio/comms/media/media_engine.h>

Top level interface that exposes the underlying source interfaces for injecting raw video and raw audio. This abstract class exposes the two possible source interfaces: video, audio. These two source interfaces essentially serve as input for the RTC Audio and Video sources created by the Media Engine.

class dolbyio::comms::media_source_interface

The interface that acts as a media source for the Conference Service.

Subclassed by dolbyio::comms::plugin::injector

Public Functions

virtual video_source *video() = 0

Gets the video source interface. Override this method to provide access to the Video Source implementation.


The pointer to the video source.

virtual audio_source *audio() = 0

Gets the audio source interface. Override this method to provide access to the Audio Source implementation.


Injecting the audio into conference is a server-side use-case. Using a media_source_interface which returns a non-null audio_source has severe implications for the media pipeline: the DVC codec is disabled, and the DVC-enabled conferences will use Opus; a fake audio device is used for handling conference audio - the real speakers and microphone will not be used. It is not possible to inject audio into the conference and have the output audio rendered to speakers.


The pointer to the audio source.